Space Oddity: The Hyperrealistic Art Of Jeremy Geddes

In recent years, piece after piece, Jeremy Geddes continues to create some of the most visually striking and compelling art of our day. If you’re not yet familiar, you’re in for a treat:

Stephen Kelly Creative

At first glance, the oil paintings of Melbourne, Australia-based artist Jeremy Geddes don’t look like paintings at all. Rather, an exceptional command of light, movement, composition and tension combine to give his work incredible detail and photo-like realism. Like any great surrealist, this amazingly detailed style helps blur the line between reality and illusion, challenging the viewer’s perception of both.

Geddes’ work generates a tension between man-made environments in flux and the fragility of living bodies. His paintings depict figures suspended in desolate urban landscapes or fractured environments that are in the process of falling apart. The figures themselves look as if they are falling to earth from space. Complex works such as “Pale Memory” and “A Perfect Vacuum” are often contrasted by smaller paintings (“Redemption”, the “Miserere” and “Cosmonaut” series) that feature a single subject isolated in a solid black or white plane. Deconstruction seems to be his thing…

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